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Apr. 2023 | Brahms and Blooming Brilliance

Join us for an evening of classical greats from the Kitsap area's brightest young talent and your local symphony orchestra. On Saturday, April 15, at 7:30PM, the Bremerton WestSound Symphony will make its first appearance at the new Central Kitsap High School Performing Arts Center in Silverdale.

This concert features Brahms' monumental Symphony #1 and winners of Bremerton WestSound Symphony's 2023 Young Artists Competition.

Brahms labored for much of his early life in the shadow of Beethoven. He claimed that he had worked for 21 years to finally produce and refine his first symphony, a work which would stand up and compare with those of his idol, Ludwig van Beethoven, and enter the pantheon of the very greatest symphonies.

This work starts with Brahms not knocking on the door of heaven, but pounding and demanding to be let in. This one work alone would have guaranteed Brahms’ immortality. Between bouts of rage, he regales us with some of the most beautiful phrases ever written. Listen to the amazing writing for strings in the second movement, the lovely woodwind pastorale in the third, and the powerful fourth movement which clearly pays homage to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. A number of our musicians remarked after our first rehearsal, “This is why I play in orchestra.”

Four amazing young musicians who recently won junior and senior divisions in the symphony's annual Young Artists Competition open the concert, each performing the first movement of a major concerto. Olivia Noh presents Saint-Saëns' savory and suave Violin Concerto #3. Leah Everling performs Edward Elgar's enchanting Cello Concerto. Calder Failla shares his interpretation of Beethoven's first successful concerto, the Piano Concerto #1 in C Major, and Chaz Niles will conclude the first half of the program with Edvard Grieg's grandiose and glamorous Piano Concerto in A Minor. Don't miss this collection of young talent collaborating with the Bremerton WestSound Symphony, as it continues to celebrate its 80th season!


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