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April 2024 | Rising Stars

The Rising Stars concert on April 21st will feature phenomenal performances from some of the top musical talent in Kitsap County. These include winners and runners-up from the 2024 Young Artists Competition. Join us for musical gems and anecdotes.

We all know much about Chopin, but we will also learn about Madame Marie Pleyel, one of the greatest pianists of the 19th Century, how she became Hector Berlioz’s fiancé, and how Berlioz bought a pistol to “do in” Marie, the man she absconded with, and for good measure, her mother as well. Of course, the young romantic, impetuous, Berlioz, while riding the train to Paris, decided that committing a triple murder might not be the best way to jump-start a career in music and gave up the idea of revenge. It seems that history took care of that. We all know the name Berlioz but few remember anything about Madame or Monsieur Pleyel.

We will learn about Anton Diabelli, a minor composer, but a famous name in music history, and why you should never ask for a small favor from such an obsessive-compulsive as Ludwig van Beethoven.

We will hear about Chopin spending the winters in Palma de Mallorca with his significant other Amantine Lucile Aurora Dupin de Francueil, who had to change her name to George Sand to get published, so that critics and publishers would assume the author was a man.

Perhaps you thought that attending a Sunday afternoon recital might be boring Composers include: Frédéric Chopin, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Mikhail Glinka, Mily Balakirev, Franz Liszt, Niccolò Paganini, Anton Diabelli, and Alexander Scriabin.

Performers include: Chaz Niles, Lincoln Jenkins, Hannah Harvey, Alec Rodriguez, Damaris Harvey, Ilyannie Robelle T. Gonzalez, Clarence Yan, Ruth Harvey, Siena Geddes, and Cyrus Yan. The majority of these students and both division winners are from the incomparable piano studio of Dr. Irene Bowling, who has raised the musical consciousness of Kitsap County for many years from her headquarters in the geodesic dome on Chico Way.

Stay tuned for more non-orchestral events when the Bremerton Symphony Chamber Players present a Sacred Concert for Pentecost Sunday on May 19th at Bremerton United Methodist Church.


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