Handel’s Messiah Free to the Public All December

This is the strangest season any of us have ever experienced and a difficult economic time for many of us. The vast majority of musicians have now been unemployed for nine months. The same is true for restaurant workers and everyone in the hospitality industry. And yet, many of these folks delight in music, especially during the holiday season.

Because of this, for the first time ever, the Bremerton WestSound Symphony is presenting to the public, free of charge, our performance of Handel's Messiah with four wonderful soloists, orchestra and chorus. This was recorded in the warm acoustics of Saint Gabriel Church in Port Orchard with a sell-out crowd.

For the entire month of December, you and your family can watch and enjoy this excellent concert as many times as you want in the comfort of your own home. If your computer is hooked up to a big screen TV and a good set of speakers, you might almost simulate the live concert experience. Simply go to the Bremerton WestSound Symphony website: BremertonWestSound Symphony.org.

For the past few months, members of our orchestra and chorale have put together a series of ancient music videos. I call these MTV or Medieval TeleVision but in fact most contain music from the Renaissance. When Covid-19 struck here last March, we were inspired to begin recording music that was actually written during the plague years of the 14 th Century. In deference and reference to Boccaccio, this became the Florentine Quarantine Music Project. This series now includes 14 virtual performances of the most beautiful melodies written centuries ago. These are also free for the public on the Bremerton WestSound Symphony website where you will find many other interesting performances including a new series of stories with music for younger children entitled Family Musical Storytime.

Our mission is to bring Kitsap communities together by sharing a passion for live music, preserving our rich history, and providing educational opportunities for all. We are doing all we can to fulfill this mission during this unusual season.

If you have school children at home, please find our entertaining Back to School video on the webpage entitled Watch!

For those who want to experience our full-length virtual concerts, we now offer a low-cost symphony membership. Contact on our website or call 360-373-1722.

See you at the Symphony … a few months from now.

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