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Bremerton WestSound Symphony

Alan Futterman, Music Director

Gary Dahl, Associate Conductor & Personnel Manager


September 14th @ Bremerton Westsound Symphony Office.
Address: 645 4th St UNIT 206, Bremerton, WA 98337
Bremerton WestSound Symphony is a community orchestra that has been playing since 1942.  We value the dedication, the time and effort that it takes to be a member and want you to enjoy your experience in the orchestra. In order to meet our Vision, Mission, and Values, we require auditions to ensure all musicians are a good match.  Please read the rehearsal schedule and download audition materials as needed.  When you are ready, follow the "Schedule Your Audition" link to send an email audition request - please include your name, instrument or vocal part, pertinent experience, and contact information. 
Orchestra rehearsal

The audition committee consists of the Music Director, the principal of the section for which the audition is taking place, and two additional principals. If any players designated above are unavailable, the Music Director shall choose replacements from the orchestra membership. For a principal audition the committee consists of the Music Director, Concertmaster and a minimum of three principals. The Orchestra Personnel Manager will be asked to facilitate auditions.


Determination of seating within sections is at the discretion of the Music Director.

Auditions are taken and scheduled on a case by case basis throughout the season.  

Please use the “Schedule Your Audition” to the right. The personnel manager will be in contact with you.

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