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Development Coordinator


Job Duties

  • Develop and implement plans to generate revenue from sponsors and grants;

  • Expand the existing pool of grants and manage their contracted requirements;

  • Assist the Board with creating a sponsor lead list;

  • Represent the Symphony to community sources of grants and sponsorships

  • Assist the Board with managing sponsor relationships and benefits;

  • Coordinate with staff to develop marketing materials for print and digital publication;

  • Attend meetings of and work cooperatively with the Development Committee;

  • Provide periodic reports to the Board of Directors.


Applicant Requirements

  • Preferred candidates will reside in Kitsap County;

  • Has previous grant-writing experience with positive outcomes;

  • Able to travel to destinations in and around Kitsap Peninsula;

  • Has previous experience working within a non-profit organizational structure;

  • Willing and able to find and accomplish work without supervision;

  • Willing and able to make outbound calls and visits to identify and secure funding sources;

  • Willing and able to navigate the committee decision-making process;

  • Has Associate’s degree or equivalent through work experience;

  • Willing to work remotely with scheduled, in-person meeting attendance;

  • Willing to work part-time, estimated 20 hours per week, 50 weeks per season.


  • Bremerton WestSound Symphony is an elder arts organization founded in 1942;

  • Supports an adult orchestra of 60-70 volunteer members;

  • Supports an adult chorale of 40-50 volunteer members;

  • Supports a youth jazz group of around 10 volunteer members;

  • Conducts 6-8 main stage concerts each season that runs July 1 to June 30;

  • Conducts annual outreach concerts and competitions for youth;

  • Conducts various fundraisers often featuring live and recorded music;

  • Offers an online service to curate recorded works for paid viewing;

  • All staff report to the Board of Directors.


Resume and Cover Letter are required to be considered for this position.

Application deadline: August 27, 2021

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