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New Membership Program for Live Concerts!

Your support during the challenges of this past season means the world to us! We were able to create the Virtual Concert Hall and meet our goal of producing a virtual concert every month. However, as we make the change from an entirely virtual concert season back into live performances, we want to expand this goal. Therefore, we will be transitioning to a web application called Patreon that will make it easier for you to manage your membership and access any member-only content that we plan to upload exclusively for you!

Here is how this change may affect you:

  • Annual memberships will be cancelled on August 31, 2021. If your membership extends beyond that period, the value of your remaining membership will be considered a donation unless you notify us by August 15th that you prefer a refund. We are not able to transfer funds from one program to another.

  • Monthly memberships will be cancelled on August 31, 2021.

We will then be introducing through Patreon a new donation-based membership program called "The Maestro Club", which will allow you to have access to a VIP symphony experience at our live concerts. We are currently assembling a benefits package that may include:*

  • preferred seating in the VIP section at live concerts

  • VIP guest passes

  • member-only access to selections from virtual concerts and additional virtual content

  • premium parking and/or transportation

  • dining discounts

  • member-only receptions at select concerts

  • your name mentioned in concert programs and on our website

* benefits are subject to change based on availability

Starting August 1, 2021, visit our Patreon portal: and choose your donor tier. Our new pricing will be monthly, at the rate of $15/month per adult. We will create a post and send an email with instructions for reserving your seats and information about your other benefits.

If you have not had the chance yet to view our previous virtual concerts from this past season, you will be able to do so through Patreon once you make the change to this new system.

We hope you will enjoy this change. By joining our new Maestro Club, you will help to sustain live classical music in Kitsap County and beyond!

Please note that there is no obligation to renew. All concerts in 2021-22 are free. The window to request a seat will open to the public approximately two weeks prior to each concert and will be subject to availability depending on our venue. To get the best seats, join The Maestro Club and reserve your choice of concerts before the season opens.


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