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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Symphony Membership cost?
$12.99/month or $150/year

Why are you switching from subscription to membership?
We created this new Symphony Membership in response to the need to adapt to changes in the way people gain access to concerts, both in-person and virtual, in the midst of current events. We will be updating as we go along, so we can further improve your experience next season, and beyond!

Do I have to be a Symphony Member to use the Virtual Concert Hall?
Yes. Patrons who purchase a Symphony Membership will not only gain access to the Virtual Concert Hall.  We are currently revising our Symphony Member benefits.

Can I watch videos from my television?
There are a few ways to view content from your TV. Here are two of the most common.  Please consult your TV manual for instructions specific to your device.

  1. Most newer TVs have internet access.  If your TV is connected to your internet, you should be able to use the browser to access the website and Virtual Concert Hall. 

  2. Use an HDMI cable to connect your laptop or mobile device to your TV if it has an HDMI port.


I only want to watch one concert in the Virtual Concert Hall.  Do I have to purchase a membership?
We're working on making select Virtual Concert Hall performances available for limited viewing, but cannot promise this for the entire repertoire at this time. As we learn and grow in this new model, however, we hope to provide more choices for our patrons in the future. Check our website or follow us on Facebook for regular updates!

After I become a member, will concerts be sent to me by email?
We will send reminders and notifications by email to Symphony Members so you will know when new content is available.  You will need to go to the website and select Virtual Concert Hall, Members Hall to access concerts.

Will free content be available in the Virtual Concert Hall?
Yes, some content will be free to all website visitors. Watch here.

What happens if in-person concerts aren't possible?
Unfortunately, we can't guarantee in-person concerts in our current climate. If we are unable to gather in large groups or hold to a sufficient rehearsal schedule, we will provide alternate content in the Virtual Concert Hall in place of currently scheduled concert performances.

Will I be able to cancel my Symphony Membership?
Yes! You may cancel at any time, but we hope you'll stick around and help us improve by giving constructive feedback!

How do I change my password?

Follow the directions below.

Buttons and link locations may vary on mobile devices.

how to change your password 1 and 2
change password directions 6 and 7
change password 3, 4, 5
change password 8, 9

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