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Feb. 2023 | Welcome to Jane Austen's World

Ever wonder why finding a husband was so critical to Jane Austen’s characters? Or why husband hunting almost reached the level of national hysteria? To find out, step into Jane Austen’s world with Tames Alan and the Bremerton WestSound Symphony in a unique Regency era collaboration of music, fashion, and food at Olympic College.

For this very special concert, we re-create the atmosphere of the Regency era with chamber music that would have been performed in a typical salon, including instrumental works by Mozart, Vanhal, and Bach. Many music aficionados are unaware that Beethoven composed and published a number of delightful Irish and Scottish songs, which feature alongside songs by Scarlatti and Harriet Wainwright, performed by soprano Jenny Ribeiro. These chamber music performances are interspersed between engaging historical commentaries about the Regency era by Tames Alan of Classic Collaborations.

Tames Alan, known for her popular Living History Lectures, gives a captivating description of what it was like to be alive during the time Jane Austen wrote her books. In the first half of this program, Tames appears in an authentic Regency dress that any of Jane Austen’s characters would have worn during the day. Using quotes from Austen’s works, Tames shows how they reflect the reality of the times, especially concerning finances, estates, and all the social ramifications of marriage. She explains why this era is called the Regency and how ideas about love and marriage underwent significant changes during this time period.

In the second half of this program, Tames changes into an evening dress that would be appropriate for a ball or assembly dance. She describes the clothing, hair styles, makeup, ballroom etiquette, the importance of proper introductions, food and drink, and the dances that made up a major part of the hunt for a husband.

Classic Collaborations is a new endeavor for Tames Alan and a natural extension of her Living History Lectures, which she has toured throughout the United States and Canada since 1987. Tames is excited to be using her decades of experience in collaboration with chamber orchestras to create costumed musical adventures that bridge music and culture from a specific era. These programs offer a deeper understanding of the music by engaging audiences in what it was like to live during the time the music was played. Tames’ lively presentation style and in-depth

research will give audiences an immersive experience through music, fashion, and culture.

Audience members are encouraged to wear costumes at this unique program, which will also include period food and drink by Olympic College’s culinary department and a meet-and-greet with Ms. Alan at the reception afterward.


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