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June 2023 | The Music of the Living

On Saturday, June 3rd at 7:30 PM at Silverdale Lutheran Church. The Bremerton Symphony Chorale, joined by the Olympic College Concert Choir and area instrumentalists, present “The Music of Living”.

“I want to feel the music of living.”

Tonight’s repertoire, with its beautifully poetic lyrics, indicated in quotation marks throughout this article, articulates the human necessity for music. From our opening song to our last, we invite you to embrace that visceral need and welcome “all that is lovely.”

“Some to the Lute, some to the Viol went, and others chose the Cornet eloquent. These practicing the Wind, and those the Wire, To sing Men’s Triumphs, or in Heaven’s quire.”

If you could choose to play an instrument, what would it be? You might choose the lute, or the viol, or perhaps the cornet. Did you know that the viol, customarily a six-stringed instrument, is played upright like a modern cello? Interesting.

“I’ve been looking for the sunshine; I can see the light.”

Perhaps you would consider playing your voice, the most human of instruments – to participate in a collaborative effort, such as a “quire”, to bring choral music into your community.

“Then Musick, the Mosaique of the Air.”

Calm your mind; close your eyes. What colors do you sense when you listen to “musick” in complete, utter, perfect, harmony? A “Mosaique” of perception. Breathtaking.

“Gloria in excelsis Deo. You are music everywhere. Teach me to sing the words to your song.”

“My heart be brave.” Life is full of adversity; does music help us combat the trauma of drama? I believe so. “To rise and keep trying.”

“There is power in making for the right. It’s gonna be okay.” Indeed. “Sing on till I am filled with joy. Brand new day.”

“Look up. Rise up. Sing on.”


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